Due to a hard drive crash of my old web host I decided to move for a "premium service" with overblog. It incorporates an adress in .com. But I wasn't very happy with the old name (no real meaning, misspelled name...). And that's why I thought it was time to do something... Here we are.

Somewhere there is music refers to one of my favourite's albums, Eric, and it's also a way to explain that good music is often hidden, somewhere... Unfortunately, I couldn't save the comments of the old adress. And I'm very sorry for that. I guess that I'll lost my SEO for a while, and some readers, but, please, try to be indulgent. I'll post a lot of obscure gems in the following months. By the way, I know that some readers do not speak french and to satisfy your demands, there will have english and french reviews in the future.

See ya, dudes!

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