Dolores, te dire au revoir n'est pas le plus dur. On peut rire de moi, mais il fut un temps où je t'aimais. 

Seller's review:

« Excellent 1976 power pop and garage punk compilation outta Chicago on the Kiderian label, which I believe had some connection to the legendary Bomp label as well. Side 1 is all tracks by the Boyz, a post Phaetons/Grim Reapers pre-Fuse and (the main attraction) Cheap Trick group with help from Rick Nielsen. They also perform the title track, "Goodbye Dolores", under the pseudonym Plenty, which they claim is a Bee Gees parody and is also interesting because it’s got the exact same melody and guitar solo as 10CC’s "Feel the Benefit", which came out one year later. Hmmm. Their "Sugar Song" is great catchy bubblegum rock, while "Laugh At Me" is the kind of straight-ahead Yellow Pills power pop that the folks at Bomp used to eat up.

Of the non-Boyz tracks over on Side 2, Mammoth’s "Suzy" is a nice enough spooky 70’s pop track with sweeping moog than borders on progressive but ends up sounding more than a little like Boomer Castleman’s "Judy Mae" or Bob Welch’s "Hypnotized". Whoever invited Priscilla Peterson to the party was obviously just trying to get into her pants, but Bob’s brother Bill Zimmerman does an absolutely incredible Todd Rundgren impersonation on "Harder To Do". Really, if you slid this one onto Side 2 of Runt, no one would blink.


Biggest surprise here - the completely unknown BLISTERING garage fuzz punker "Girl I Need You" by Tom Petreli, which sounds completely out of step with everything else on Goodbye Dolores. That’s because the Kiderian label was around since the 60’s, and Tom was a member of one of the very first garage bands on the label, Nobody’s Children. Here he’s doing a remake of his old garage punk classic. I haven’t heard the original myself, but just listening to the track here, I’m thinking this just might be the original. If not, extra kudos to Tom for completely capturing the sound and feel and production values of the Sixties in 1976. And the usual kudos for this being such a killer track.

I should also point out that Goodbye Dolores earns extra bizarre points for its mysterious sleeve, which shows lots of shots of some suave 70’s leisure suit mustachioed dude interspersed with some sleazy Times Square porn shots of some girl in the most raunchiest of poses (censored). Is this the Dolores in question?  And who’s the guy with all the face time? Maybe somebody out there can fill in the details… ».


The Boyz - Laughs On Me  

The Boyz - One Time  

Bill Zimmerman - Harder to Do 

Plenty - Goodbye Dolores 

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