Lord knows where the The Joyful Sound came from, but this place was a very inspirational one. Despite what the SRT label suggests and judging by where my copy was found, my guess is that the lads were most definitely familiar with the Jamaica's shores than the Devon and Dorset countryside. Actually, the 9 songs (all originals) that make up this LP are a quite bizarre listening experience. The band created a sound difficult to label: not really gospel, not country nor garage, not even ska or rocksteady but a blend of all that together that hits the spot. Most of the tracks have the trademark sophisticated backing, jumping beats and syncopated sound that made rock-steady and early ska but The Joyful Sound effortlessly fused Jamaican roots with strong guitar, a few tracks with some fuzz and garagey edge (great fuzz), other with a little slowed-down country tossed in, and these cuts ring with a somewhat gospel-styled passion. Not mentioned in Ken Scott's Archivist but highlighted by Richard Falk, It Will Be Worth It All is an exceedingly rare record to find. Recommended to anyone who's fond of different styles collided into one detonating whole.

Gonna Shout and Shine 

Heavenly Vision 

Victory Song 

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