Here's another very worthwhile and charming private press (200 copies) that is not mentioned in Galactic Ramble: the fourth album of Terry Friend, who is mostly known for having played with the somewhat legendary Stonefield Tramp band - the guys who put out Dreaming Again in 1975 (recently re-released in LP by Sommor/Guerssen).

Come the Day (recorded in 1977 at Piper Sound Studios, Luton, with Tony Panico, Martin Wood, Maggie Spong and Keith Farr) has been compared for some or other reasons to Alice Island Band, A-Austr, Hot Potato or Agincourt by serious collectors. I can't really agree with any of these comparisons (and it's not as good) but folks who appreciate these bands and breezy folk-rock pop tunes with magical twists and sparse arrangements should find a friend in the music of Terry Friend and Friends. Perhaps the best description is that the cover reflects the music. Best cuts includes the opening track ("Tiger") that brings poetry to a next level with its whimsical, enchanting and almost trippy atmosphere, "Pathetic Epitath" (just Terry and his guitar), "Sweet Talking Lady", or also "Ballad of Robert Curtiss" (for the lovely voice of Maggie Spong). Last but not least, do not forget to visit the exciting Terry Friend website. There are plenty of info and more (pictures, CDs for sale…). It's rare enough to be reported.



Pathetic Epitath 

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