Very varied and interesting set of songs including an improvisational music to Japonese Haiku, a musical of Tom Sawyer, selections from the musical 'You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown' and more... all performed by the pupils of the Saticoy Elementary School, divided for the occasion into five groups: Orchestra, Junior Chorus, Fith and Sixth Grade Hard of Hearing Classes, Senior Girls Chorus and Senior Boys Chorus that range from great - some songs have a very 60s garage rock sound to them (the organ-driven "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown", "The Baseball Game", "Happiness", "It's Up to You and Me") other reminds me The Three Cart Patriarch ("The Cherry Flower", "In Spring" which is almost exotica) to hilariously bad ("Freebootin'"). Imagine a meeting between The '4 J's' and The Shaggs (expect there is no girls). The only possible explanation I have is that some of those little monsters were in the family of the school principal!


A pleasant listen overall. If there had been a little more organ (and less piano), a few more upbeat catchy numbers, A Winter Festival of Music would have been probably highly sought after. It's worth mentioning that it was recorded live - you can even hear the whispers in the audience or screaming babies.    


It's Up to You and Me  


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