Wow, this is super odd (even for me)! It's a cover album of Tommy, the rock opera (it sounds like a school project). But above all, it's done in an amateur way (out of tune singing, poor musicianship, low-budget recording…). That could have been awful (why the hell did they choose the Who?!!). But it's not that bad. Gambler is always very enthusiastic (it's not anything you've heard before) and that works in its favor. What they made is really appealing and certainly much more fun than the original version by the Who. Don't get me wrong. It's clearly not for everyone but some of you will cherish it. To add to the weirdness, the Gambler LP was recorded at the Spaceward Studios in 1972 but released in 1969!!?? They come from another galaxy…



You Didn't Hear It 

Acid Queen 

Were Not Gonna Take It 

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