Centering Cover 

What exactly was the Center for Truth? Someone once described me this album as a pretty quiet hippie cult folk LP from a school out in Oregon with male and female vocals, and this is the reason why it grabbed my attention in the first place. But this was probably something else. There is no school mentioned on the cover and the album does not sound like a school project, apart from one choral song ("Chant"), at the beginning of the B-side. The hippie side however, and the description of the music were rather accurate. The family (this is how they called themselves) was clearly in harmony with nature and strongly connected to the elements that we find on the blue planet, such as water (their religion) and a lot of songs actually refer to Mother Earth, peace and/or love. My guess is that the Center for Truth was maybe a community or a place for meditating about the truth, 'that is nothing without God'. On the back cover of the album, we can even read on the front store 'we are open', 'natural foods' and 'new age books'.


Musically, this all-acoustic collection of songs (with mostly guitar folk and some tambourines) is surprisingly good and diverse (because of the number of participants), but they maintain a strong unity all along. And here's a scoop now - I don't think that this has been said before - it seems that this album is linked to the equally rare Eric Funk & Carlyn Harvey - Love Truth album! Indeed, about 4 songs are signed by Eric & Carlin. The spelling differs but I'm sure they are the same. 4 other songs were written by Harvey. And both albums are on the same label, Rexius.



Love Everywhere 

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