At the time of its release, this record received several positive reviews whether in local Australian newspapers (A.T. Wells is an Aussie band) or more famous magazines such as Rolling Stones. How can we explain what happened next? This is a stunning LP and I can't figure out why it doesn't get more attention. I would describe it as the perfect crossover between psych-tinged post punk and beat-driven early 80s rock with sharp, echoed guitars - the riffs are both powerful and effective. The musicianship, (snarly and moaning) vocals and production are all top-notch and most of the songs sound like hits. Maybelline in particular could have been in the best-selling songs of 1985!


Hearing the whispers of the ocean or Mother-Earth when an album begins is always a good sign, says a not-so-old collector proverb. This album proves it once more. You can buy Singing So Alone, and the other releases of A.T. Wells on their website: atwells.de.tl


I Won't Be Draggin' You Down 

War Dragged On

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