Strikingly solid school project album with little kids and electric guitars (aged from 11 to 14 years apart from the leader who directs while playing the keyboards), somehow a mix between "Steve Birch, Hainault High Drama Workshop" and Haze which ranges from heavy metal (they cover Deep Purple) to light ballads and brass music. About half of the material is self-penned (the lead guitarist wrote the title track when he was just 13!) while the other numbers are rarely heard songs: "Mr. Tambourine Man", "Scarborough Fair" or "Streets of London" to name a fews. But they are performed in such a great, joyful, clever manner that it's anything but a problem - they are actually among the most appealing versions I've come across! No girls can be found here, however, the singers are so young that their voices could sometimes pass for female vocals (except on the final song where the little star is trying hard to have a big voice), not unlike Folk Eclipse (they are indeed boys, contrary to what I assumed in the past). 

All Night Long


Magical World

Fox On The Run

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