Les Gens de Cherves was much more than a musical band. It was an association (law of 1901) created in 1971 and called like this because their members (who varied over time) were indeed from Cherves, a small town near Poitiers. Their activities were as diverse as creating a museum about the peasant life, doing research, restoring a mill, collecting songs, and of course, making music. Recorded at the beginning of the eighties, "Et nos esprits fourmilles" is not only the fourth and last album of Les Gens de Cherves, it's also their best. What's really surprising with this LP is that, despite being deeply influenced by the rural world and the peasantry (for the lyrics), it has in fact very little to do with trad folk. Only two or three tunes ("Lettre à toi paysan", "Simple était la vie"...) could fit that description - most of the music is in a folk vein, dominated by flute and acoustic guitar (like in the long instrumental "Zani" which has a sort of Mediterranean vibe), sometimes string instruments. Interestingly, some of the songs come from musical shows dedicated to the countryside called "Il était une vie" and "Monpays c'est pas fini" performed in the summers of 1980, 1981 and 1982. Great female vocals can be found here, both spoken and sung.

Vire le vent 

Nous ne sommes plus nous 

Lettre à toi paysan 

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