Les Musiciens de la vallée des lacs (from the Vosges region) was the first group of Christophe Toussaint who is better known in the collector circles for his album "Terra Incognita" recorded in 1986. The band's set consists of both covers and self-penned material and reflects despite being essentially a trad folk album their wide-ranging influences from polka to 'chanson rive gauche', musette and celtic music. They do an excellent rendition of "Accordion" (of Gainsbourg) and "La foule" with great use of the instrument mentioned above. Somewhat an amazing interpretation of this Edith Piaf hit in that sense that it sounds almost pastoral here, whereas it is originally a street song (the clever and unexpected meeting between accordion and flute). Overall, this album (pressed in a tiny quantity of 1000 copies in 1984) is recommended if you like very well executed instrumental music with violin, flute and épinette des Vosges. The musicianship is excellent all along and elegant.



La foule 

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