"De l'arbre à l'oreille" (from tree to ear) refers to the great ability of Jean Ribouillault to make the trees sing: he was both an accomplished musician (he wrote all the songs of this album, all in a pure traditional folk style, an area where he excels) and a talented luthier (most of the instruments use for this recording were handcrafted by himself). With the magic of track-by-track recording, Jean Ribouillault manages to play all the instruments from guimbarde to hurdy-gurdy, guitar, flutes, rattle, drum... and many types of épinette (but mostly the épinette of Gerardmer, where he lived). In addition to being a highly-qualified woodworker and musician, Jean Ribouillault has the gift of a beautiful, mellifluous voice that can be heard in four songs of the album. "La vengeance" a captivating bloody tune about star-crossed lovers is the best of them. Obviously, this rarely seen LP (most of the copies were destroyed by Arion) is worth looking for. More recently, Jean Ribouillault released another record on Ocora with Jean-François Dutertre and Christophe Toussaint, other épinette des Vosges specialists.

Farandole à Denis 

La vengeance 

Table de bois (air à Yves) 

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