Three years have passed since "Veillée" was released in 1977. A lot happened during that time. All the money earned from the first record went into buying new recording equipment and instruments. Bidulfolk also had the time to improve its quality of playing and singing and to increase its number to seven members. The music is still homemade (recorded the weekends at the winemaker home between a glass of wine) and in a pure folk style but much more elaborated with now various types of flutes, not only guitars like in the mini album and beautiful vocal harmonies (although a bit 'old-fashioned'), males and females. Two of the songs performed here ("Le tour du monde" and "Les filles du bord de Loire") are covers from their early days. Quite interesting to hear how their sound evolved. The rest of the tracklist is new and it is a lot talk about Anjou (their region), the countryside and the last wild river of France (there is even a poem on La Loire). The words are close to a traditional folk universe but Bidulfolk can't really be called a trad folk band. Whatever they are, their self-titled LP is an enjoyable find. It is also quite rare (only 550 copies were pressed, again on Le Kiosque d'Orphée). After this, the members got married and did their life on their respective sides.

Les filles du bord de Loire 


Le pays Angevin 

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