A mysterious band of highly skilled troubadours composed of three boys and a girl with an angelic voice. Their repertoire of eleven, mostly anonymous songs covers a time-period over half a millennium from the fourteenth century to the Industrial revolution but their style of music remains the same all along (except maybe in the false street song "Paris à cinq heures du soir"): top-notch pastoral and medieval folk music with only acoustic instruments like guitars, bouzouki, cromorne, mandolins, flutes... and dreamy male and female vocals. It is not surprise that there's a wonderful beauty in the songs performed here, especially in the oldest one about gardens and love affairs ("L'amour de moy", "Au jardin de mon père", "Que faire s'amour me laisse"...). All in all, an enchanting performance making Le Groupe Arthus or Arthus one of the best bands of its kind. It's not as great as Malicorne - nothing is - but it's easily as good as anything Souderline or Avaric did. The band does also an epic rendition of "Le montagnard émigré", the great poem of Chateaubriand. So, if your lucky star put on your way the tapestry of the Queen Mathilde, grab it while you can. "Chansons de trouvères, troubadours et chansonniers" is as rare as any private pressing and rarer than many of them which is quite an enigma knowing that it was released on Pathé Marconi.

Arthus, si d'aventure vous passez sur ce blog, pouvez-vous me contacter ? Je serais heureux d'en savoir plus sur votre formation. Merci !

L'amour de moy 

Le montagnard émigré ou combien j'ai douce souvenance 

Que faire s'amour me laisse 

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