Surprisingly not much information can be found on the Internet about Les Témoins which was one of the top 3 best bands on the Jef label with Les Reflets and Promesses. It was also probably one of the most highly-regarded groups of the French Christian folk scene, and one of the most influential. What sets apart Les Témoins is a high level of songwriting (the majority of the songs were composed by Noël-André Chefneux and his brother, Didier), intricate acoustic guitar arrangements (sometimes combined with darbukas!) and beautiful harmonies throughout. The LP comes in a lovely glossy laminated cover with a vintage-looking picture of the band, which makes me think that "La sagesse" was issued in the late 60s or early 70s. Another worthy album (still in the same vein, but with double bass this time and recorded live) was released in 1974 under the name Noël Chefneux, with nearly the same team (as well as a few older 7-inch records with different songs).


Glory Hallelujah 

La vérité, le chemin et la vie 

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