"Un rayon de soleil" contains all the typical ingredients of the best Christian folk albums: top-class musicianship, gorgeous harmonies, great male and female vocals, dreamy melodies, enchanting pastoral flutes... But there is something more and idiosyncratic in the sound of Cascade. A somewhat warm sound with a ton of percussion instruments (bongos, bombos, tambourines, cabasas, claves...) and many guitars, both acoustic and electric. Other things to point out is that miscellaneous influences can be heard on the album, from cajun ("Suzanna") to traditional folk ("Le loup, le renard et la belette") or Andean folk music ("Mélodie" with the use of quena) and that some of the pieces, have no or little religious content (even the Christian songs have sometimes, an almost hidden message, far from being explicit). As a result, this charming, gentle album (composed of two covers and original material) is uneven, but, when it's good, it's really good. Highlights include the title song, "Tu erres par les chemins", "Le violoniste" and a magical tour de force with captivating spoken words ("Peux-tu me dire ?").

Tu erres par les chemins 

Peux-tu me dire ? 

Le violoniste 

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