"Le malespoir" is a warmly recommended poetry album alternatively dominated by creepy organ and captivating arpeggio accompaniment with plenty of melancholic melodies and haunting female vocals lost in the background. Other instruments like violin and clarinet accentuate the depressed, nostalgic atmosphere of the record. There is even an interlude of what I believe is a barrel organ ("Arlequin"), a well-advised choice in the context (just after a song about a wandering entertainer) and more interestingly, an incredible psych rock track with effective guitar hooks ("Un flacon se brise"). Another highlight is "Un morceau de pain" that sounds like a lost Areski and Brigitte Fontaine creation. Understanding French is obviously a big plus to fully appreciate the beauty of this rarely seen record and its refined lyrics.

Un flacon se brise 

Un morceau de pain 

A l'ombre dorée de ses formes... 

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