"Chants d'elles" is not only one of the lesser known albums on Le Kiosque d'Orphée, it's also one of the best albums on the label, and surely one of the best French folk releases I've come across. This is really an extraordinary record with mostly dreamy, angelic female vocals, a sophisticated, ethereal instrumentation (with many transverse flute) and enchanting lyrics that seem directly straight out of a fairy tale. One of the songs is a about a unicorn, an another one about a ghost ship and in several occasion, fairies, grimoires or treasures are mentioned. The beauty of nature in all its forms (like the woods, hills, meadows, ocean...), moments and light (the dawn of the day or the night under the moon or a starry sky) and the richness of its fauna (from the swallows to the dragonflies and ladybirds) are also an important theme of the album.

The band had the great idea to put into music the poems of Paule Lavergne, a forgotten but gifted Limousin writer whose work include both stories for adults and childrens. Chandelle is also remarkable for its very unusual but terrific use of accordion, sax and electric guitar that are hardly recognizable, almost hazy and oneiric. Another remarkable thing is how close the album cover is with the cover of the last Los Deu Larvath released the very same year. Quite a wonderful surprise overall and strongly recommended to all dreamers.

Bateau à voiles 

Le beau voyage

La licorne

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