Brasero is two friends who used to play guitar and sing together and a few women guests for vocals and background vocals. Their band name came naturally and was formed with the seven more common letters of their favorite bands. Pierre Lecoeur was a devoted Beach Boys fan and Philippe Henniquant was more influenced by the British Invasion and bands like The Yardbirds, The Animals, or The Who. However, we can't really hear these influences in their music, which is unusual, relaxed folk with homemade or improvised instruments (kazoo, whistles, maracas, chromanica...), a bit like in skiffle music. One of the strangest songs of the album ("En passant") is a long track mixing folk, bossa nova and rock (which reminds me for a few seconds of Jean-Pierre Castelain) but the best moment of the album is without a doubt "Popelune", which has a more pop-sounding style. On the whole, Brasero is a pleasant listening experience. It is also one of the rarest French albums ever released (from a safe source, no more than 100 copies). The general feel is obviously very homemade, starting from the cover (white with a stamp of the band name).


Jack l'ivrogne


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