When someone says you 'Key West', you may think about your next holidays in Florida, probably not to a British band who released an album in Belgium somewhere in the second part of the 70s! But, listening to Love Me Tonight is nearly the same effect as contemplate the sunset in the Keys, directly from the sea while eating a soft ice cream with the girl of your dream. In other words, this is dreamy 70s pop at its finest, full of sunshine and sugar, lovely guitars, and a hint of melancholia. The whole album is pretty good, especially the B-side, but there is one particular song that is truly truly wonderful, called "I Believe in Love" which could have easily been passed for a lost Wings/McCartney gem. 

Thanks again to Tim, who introduced me to this unfairly unknown and cheap album (it should worth a lot of dollars!!!). Better than a lot of albums featured in Acid Archive.


I Believe in Love

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